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Discover the proven formula that successful CA firms use to automate their practice and double their profits year on year


India's first

Business coaching Designed only for CAs

India's first

Interstate Networking community created for CAs (Non ICAI)

India's first

Business coaching with highest no of testimonies for CAs

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6th January 2024, Saturday  |   Time: 9 AM-12 PM (IST)

PS: This is not your regular webinar that discusses general automation and scripted sales script and follow-up mechanism.

If you were given a superpower to change one thing related to CAs, what would it be?


1. You are allowed to do Marketing and Promotion

2. Your study should include Subjects of Automation

3. You wish to Increase/Decrease Compliances

4. You should not have any restrictions like other business owners

5. You should be taught Public Speaking and Presentation Skills like MBAs

More than 1.5 Lakh+ CA registered firms in India, but here is what most of them end up with

I have talked to 100+ successful CA firms. Here’s why they are MINTING MONEY and YOU’RE NOT!!

What 95% CA firms do

1. Service All compliances as required
2. Schedule Busy in operations and filings
3. Sales 100% Dependent on Referrals
4. Specific Niche None (Oops)


What successful CA firms DO

Successful firms manage operations through a team, not by being busy.
Successful Firms focus on developing an Expertise
Successful firms add more solutions through their knowledge.
Successful firms work on new methods of lead generation to not run behind clients.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Hear from those who have already experienced the training!

“I Used To Feel I’m Very Bad At Sales! And Trust Me, I Used To Run Away From It.But Gaurav Destroyed This Myth And Helped Me To Raise Myself From A 45K Monthly Profit To Rs 1.5L Profit, And Now I’M LOVE WITH SALES.”

Himanshu Gilani


I Wonder How Come I Wasted So Much Time Of My Life Running My Practice With The WRONG STRATEGY. I Was Mostly Stressed Out Because Of Unending Work. But Now, My Assistant Is Handling A Lot Of My Work And I Get A Lot Of Time For GYM And My Daughter (Who Always Complain That I Don’t Give Her Time)

CA Jacob Baboo


Earlier I Spent 6 Days A Week In The Office And Moving Out Was Not Possible Due To Consistent Operational Challenges. But Due To “Quick Operational Framework”, Now I Spend 2-3 Days Outside The Office Doing Networking And Generating Business. Income From Practice Which Was Stagnant From The Past Many Years, Has Now Grown 60%+ This Year.

CA Premal Gandhi


GA’s Strategy On Sales Is Crazy. We Added Business Of 7 Lakhs From Existing Clients Within 2 Months And I Was Wondering How It Can Be So Easy.”

CA Rajat Garg


I Feel GA’s Coaching Is Not A Choice, But A Compulsion For All CAs. This Is The Best Investment I’ve Made In My Career And Earned More Than 20 Lakhs+ By Collaborating With Other CAs On Gaurav’s Platform. If CAs Are Looking For Real Investment, My First Advice Will Be To Invest In GA’s Coaching.

CA Parth Mody - Ex Big 4


Coming From A Tier 3 City,I Used To Think That CA Practice Doesn't Have Much Scope. But Gaurav Destroyed This Belief. With The RIGHT Aggression In My Sales Now, I Have Grown My Business By 70% In Just 1 Year.

CA Sachin Agrawal


6th January 2024, Saturday  |   Time: 9 AM-12 PM (IST)

Some of you are still thinking, this is not for CAs.

The real screenshots that explains why CAs are stuck


The truth is: You’re leading your CA firm in the same ways that professionals did decades back.

And here’s why it’s failing:

Traditional thinking that doesn’t work anymore

It is high time that you realise the POTENTIAL OF THE CA Practice. You have to cut the ROPE of your old beliefs and achieve the success you DESERVE

Why is being a CA 100 times better than literally any other profession?

India is shifting into a 100 billion-dollar economy, which makes all these points all the more more relevant.

  • CAs get a client once who stick around for life.
  • CAs need to give good quality service and on-time reports to retain clients.
  • CAs have a legal monopoly, so businesses don’t have the option of NOT coming to you.
  • CAs are most trusted by business owners for any legal and financial decision.
  • CAs do not need huge investments to become big.

6th January 2024, Saturday  |   Time: 9 AM-12 PM (IST)

[Unveiled] This is the Hidden Secret Formula of 100+ Successful CA Firms that nobody ever told you before!!


Automate Operations


Report Structures for Team


Add-on services that solve business problems


Evolve more lead generation methods


Develop Expertise in one Niche

Here is what you’ll learn after you attend the 3 Hours Masterclass that 3500+ CA firms have attended...

1. How to save 50% of your time on operations by understanding the PRACTICAL SCIENCE of Automation
2. The most powerful weapon to generate hundreds of quality leads without going against any prohibitions that CA firms have.
3. How to CLOSE A DEAL at a high-ticket price without worrying about the client leaving for another CA.
4. The simple and easy way to create a strong Authority in your Industry
5. The Hidden knowledge about Networking that will make you well-known in the industry.

And that’s not all. You also get these FREE BONUSES worth Rs 17999/- if you Register for the Masterclass


Monk Like Focus-

A short read that give you all the tips to 10X your speed of execution.


Audit your Practice

10 Questions that will help you to Identify the root causes of your problems, no matter which stage you’re at.


Private Community Webinars

Access to the Private internal groups of CAs to learn and implement with others.

6th January 2024, Saturday  |   Time: 9 AM-12 PM (IST)


Meet Your Coach:

Gaurav Arora

Hi, I am Gaurav Arora, and I love to see CAs rise and thrive!

Trust me when I say I understand your problems, because I, too, have spent 4.5 years of my life preparing for my CA. But I dropped out because I wanted to pursue my own passion of becoming a coach. Now, I’m proud to be one of the top trainers in the country.

In my initial days, I coached business owners to make it big. But then one day, an advice from a CA friend changed everything for me. He said, “You might not be a CA, but you know so much about their field from your own experience. Why not help them grow their firms?”

From that day till now, I have impacted the lives of 2500+ CAs and helped them convert their surviving firms to thriving successes. Let’s do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s about boosting your profits and taking it to new heights. I’ll be sharing top-notch strategies to 2x your growth.

If you are a CA, CS, CMA, lawyer and you are dealing with finance and tax, then you can attend it as we'll be focussing on sales marketing and operation, and it will be equally useful for you.

Well, why not? It’s your ticket to more growth, more profits, and more clients. Plus, who doesn’t want to take their practice to the next level?

It is a live session, where you will get to engage with me and other professionals in the industry in real-time.

I’m sorry, but we won’t be sharing the recordings. Trust, for a power-packed content like this, you have to attend it live.

Just click the [Sign Up Now] button and follow the simple instructions. I promise it’s easier than balancing a budget!

6th January 2024, Saturday  |   Time: 9 AM-12 PM (IST)